How to Get the Most out of Business Data with a Line Chart

How to Get the Most out of Business Data with a Line Chart

  The roots of the line chart, often also referred to as the line graph, can be traced as far back as the 10th or 11th century, making it the oldest type of chart ever made. Humankind has come a long way in making way more complex charts since then. However, the humble line chart […]

Why Waterfall Charts are Excellent Tools for Financial Analysts

Why Waterfall Charts are Excellent Tools for Financial Analysts

  What are waterfall charts? Simply put – a waterfall chart is a diagram that is designed to represent cumulative values of a series of data in a sequential manner. This can be effective in various situations, including conducting a financial analysis. How waterfall charts can help a financial analyst If an analyst wants to […]

3 Ways a Marimekko Chart Provides a New Dimension to Marketing Analysis

3 Ways a Marimekko Chart Provides a New Dimension to Marketing Analysis

What is a Marimekko (or, as it is often referred to, mekko) chart? As far as a textbook definition is concerned, it is a two-dimensional stacked chart, in which the heights of the individual segments and the widths of the columns can all be variable. Also, the widths of individual columns are scaled, so that, […]

Collabion Joins Hands with MicroWay to Serve Customers Better in Australia and New Zealand

Collabion - MicroWay Partnership

Collabion has recently entered into a strategic partnership with MicroWay Pty Ltd. Microway is a major distributor of award winning software development tools in Australia and New Zealand. They specialize in BI and reporting/dashboard development solutions and offer extensive customer support to clients across both the countries. Through partnership with MicroWay, Collabion is now all […]

7 Reasons for Users to Migrate to SharePoint 2016

7 Reasons for Users to Migrate to SharePoint 2016

Microsoft has already pulled the plug on support services for MOSS 2007. Come 2020, a similar fate awaits SharePoint 2010, while SharePoint 2013 users will lose support privileges just three more years later. Considering all these factors, it’s probably a smart idea to switch to the latest avatar of the collaboration platform, SharePoint 2016, anyway. […]

Yes, SharePoint Has a Recycle Bin… And Here’s How It Can Help

Yes, SharePoint Has a Recycle Bin and Here's How It Can Help

Users accidentally deleting documents, versions of documents, folders, list items, document libraries, or lists from SharePoint farms are some of the nightmares many administrators have to deal with. If this happens with regular Windows Explorer, then users pressing Shift + Del delete the item irrecoverably.

7 Ways Microsoft’s Cumulative Update Enhances UX with SharePoint Server 2016

7 Ways Microsoft's Cumulative Update Enhances User Experience with SharePoint Server 2016

Since the release of SharePoint Server 2016 last year, users had been reporting small, niggling issues that they often faced when working with the platform. No surprise there, considering the expanse of the platform. Microsoft was quick to respond, promising comprehensive updates to handle many of the major issues.

4 Do’s and Don’ts about Naming Documents and Folders in SharePoint

4 do's and don'ts about naming documents and folders in SharePoint

Properly naming documents and folders in SharePoint is perhaps the most essential step towards making them easily searchable. However, in reality, very few organizations are actually able to follow the best practices about naming documents and folders in SharePoint, on a regular basis. Here, our team has presented 4 Do’s and Don’ts that should be followed when naming […]

5 Best Practices For Document Management with SharePoint

5 best practices for document management with SharePoi nt

  SharePoint is steadily gaining increased rate of acceptance among organizations as their primary document management platform. A survey conducted by AIIM in early 2016 revealed that 28% of the major organizations are already using it, while more are testing the waters before taking the plunge. Team Collabion did some research and put together a […]

4 Stats Worth Knowing about SharePoint

4 SharePoint stats infographic

There can be no doubt that the latest version of Microsoft SharePoint is rapidly climbing the ladder towards becoming the most popular enterprise level collaboration platform ever developed. Our team snuck a peek into the state of the market and came across the following 4 amazing stats.