4 Do’s and Don’ts about Naming Documents and Folders in SharePoint

4 do's and don'ts about naming documents and folders in SharePoint

Properly naming documents and folders in SharePoint is perhaps the most essential step towards making them easily searchable. However, in reality, very few organizations are actually able to follow the best practices about naming documents and folders in SharePoint, on a regular basis. Here, our team has presented 4 Do’s and Don’ts that should be followed when naming […]

6 Reasons to Steer Clear of Folders in SharePoint

While Microsoft SharePoint does support folders for storing documents, many SharePoint experts discourage users from doing so, since it robs the platform of many of its advanced and flexible features. We did our own research on the subject and found 6 major reasons to avoid creating folders in SharePoint, which we have presented in the infographic […]

5 Do’s (and 5 Don’ts) for SharePoint that Every User should be Aware of

SharePoint is massive, and while it is definitely user-friendly, it is necessary to know the right way of using it, in order to properly utilize the powerful features offered by the platform. Here, we have compiled two 5 point lists of what to do and what absolutely not to do, for both admins and end […]