SharePoint 2013 Farm Backups – Best Practices

SharePoint 2013 Farm Backup - Best Practices

Backing up or restoring the data of a SharePoint farm is one of the major concerns for many SharePoint administrators. Among the numerous factors to keep track of is the necessity to maintain the quality of data throughout the farm. However, by adhering to a few best practices, administrators can greatly reduce the risk of […]

Top 5 SharePoint Myths Debunked

Top 5 SharePoint myths debunked

SharePoint is Microsoft’s No. 1 collaboration platform. Just like most other products from the company, it is also packed with lots of user-friendly features. Then why does it get a bad rap from many business owners out there? We searched for the answer and came up with a bunch of myths, which separate the expectations […]

6 Reasons to Steer Clear of Folders in SharePoint

While Microsoft SharePoint does support folders for storing documents, many SharePoint experts discourage users from doing so, since it robs the platform of many of its advanced and flexible features. We did our own research on the subject and found 6 major reasons to avoid creating folders in SharePoint, which we have presented in the infographic […]