Features of Collabion Charts for SharePoint

Multiple data sources

With CCSP, you can pull data from various data sources such as SharePoint lists, MS SQL Server, Oracle DB, MS Excel, CSV files/strings, BDC, or ODBC. You get to enjoy seamless compatibility, with the same ease of use, across the board.

CCSP 2016 supports multiple data sources

Dozens of chart types

Display your business data with the chart type that best represents it. Choose from 56 different chart types, including the ubiquitous line, bar, and pie, as well as specialized types like bubble, Pareto and Marimekko, plus a whole lot more.

56 different varieties of charts for you to play with

Advanced data processing

Utilize advanced data analysis methods, like custom filtering, drill down, and grouping, to extract maximum insights from your business data. With CCSP, you can break down your data a little bit more with every step, until only what you need remains.

Dynamic filtering and drill down

Multi-level drill down

With our unique feature, multi-level drill down, you can explore your hierarchical data right up to the 'n'-th level for focused analysis. With the latest version, you can also change chart types with every step, so that you can always visualize the data in the best possible way.

Exporting charts in multiple formats

onnectivity with web parts

You can connect a chart to SharePoint OOB Filter web part, SharePoint list, or custom web parts, and pass single or multiple values to the chart. You can also filter the chart data based on a value, or show a subset of the data in the chart.

Exporting charts in multiple formats

Seamless compatibility

You can use Collabion Charts with SharePoint 2010, 2013 and 2016, including Foundation servers. There's no need to make any specific settings. Everything just works.

xporting charts in multiple formats

Go from data to insights, in minutes, without any code.