Collabion Joins Hands with MicroWay to Serve Customers Better in Australia and New Zealand

Collabion - MicroWay Partnership

Collabion - MicroWay Partnership

Collabion has recently entered into a strategic partnership with MicroWay Pty Ltd. Microway is a major distributor of award winning software development tools in Australia and New Zealand. They specialize in BI and reporting/dashboard development solutions and offer extensive customer support to clients across both the countries.

Through partnership with MicroWay, Collabion is now all set to help customers in Australia/New Zealand get more out of their data than ever before. MicroWay is a Microsoft Silver Partner and has a team of friendly sales and support staff, who are specialists in licensing options of products that they handle, and also have working knowledge of the products. As such, they can help customers choose the correct products to serve their requirements, and also offer solutions to technical issues.

When asked to comment on the partnership, Pallav Nadhani (CEO, Collabion) drew attention to how this collaboration would bring more success to both brands.

Collabion - MicroWay Partnership - Pallav Nadhani

Chris Erickson (Sales & Training Manager, MicroWay), on the other hand, noted that Collabion is highly suited for solving some of the major pain points related to resource management that companies often face.

Collabion - MicroWay Partnership - Chris Erickson

All in all, through this strategic partnership, customers of both Collabion and MicroWay stand to benefit greatly from the way the products from Collabion can help them maximize resource utilization in their organizations. By making better business decisions with the help of the data visualization products from Collabion, customers can also hope to considerably increase their profit margins.

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