Collabion and Infowise Team up to Deliver Powerful Business Solutions

Collabion and Infowise join hands

Collabion and Infowise join hands

Collaboration is the essence of our business. We may have come a long way from our humble beginnings to the point where we count Fortune 500 companies among our clients, but we have never lost sight of our core vision. To that end, we are always on the lookout for major SharePoint solution providers to team up with, for mutual benefit. Recently, we found a perfect match in Infowise Solutions.

Why Infowise

Infowise Solutions is just as passionate about helping clients get the most out of SharePoint data as we are. Their flagship product, titled Ultimate Forms, offers customers a 100% codeless platform, through which they can create and maintain business processes within their SharePoint environments. With Ultimate Forms, customers can Implement business logic and processes through:

  • Advanced forms
  • Automated data indicators and KPIs (in SharePoint lists)
  • Multi-stage business process management, and many more

Ultimate Forms works seamlessly with all major on-premise versions of SharePoint, just like Collabion DataParts.

How we can benefit customers together

Both Infowise and Collabion serve similar customer bases, including Fortune 500 companies and major organizations across different business sectors. That does provide us with a common ground, but how will our partnership benefit our customers?

Well, we believe our CEO, Pallav Nadhani, summed it up best, when he said – “The partnership between Collabion and Infowise presents customers with a unique opportunity. They can implement processes and business logic with components of Infowise’s Ultimate Forms, and top it off with charts, dashboards and reports with Collabion DataParts for SharePoint. Together, these two products offer an unbeatable combination of efficiency and speed that is sure to delight both new and existing customers.

So, if you are already enjoying the benefits of Collabion DataParts, please do check out our partner’s stellar solution, right here. The combination of our solutions may offer just the edge you need to help your organization reach new heights of success. And if you are planning to try Collabion DataParts, make sure you check out Ultimate Forms, too. The possibilities of what you can achieve by using both solutions together is truly endless.

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