Our instructor-led training is delivered online (through GotoMeeting) by our in-house experts - at your pace and preference of time. Whether you're looking to get a flavor of what Collabion has to offer, or dive deep into our products, our classes will empower you with the expertise you need.

We've the following options available for Collabion training, each going into more depth about the Collabion product and use-cases, compared to previous one.

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Free introductory course to Collabion

1 Hour

This course is recommended for users who are currently evaluating Collabion or have just started using it. This course lets you get a hang of how to build your first chart, grid or dashboard using Collabion. In this course, we primarily use the SharePoint list data source to showcase the key concepts of Collabion.


1 day deep-dive course covering key use cases of all Collabion Products

4 Hours

This course is recommended for users who have started using Collabion and want to get a deep-dive into each product of Collabion DataParts. The course covers the various data sources that Collabion supports, creation of dashboards, slicing and dicing of data, adding interactivity like drill-down, and configuring the top-level cosmetic and functional attributes.


3-day deep-dive course covering all features of all Collabion Products

3 days, 4 hours per day

In this course, we go deeper into each type of visualization offered by Collabion, their use-case in business, more data connectivity options, and go deeper into each of the features offered by Collabion.


Customized courses suited to your needs

This course is recommended for an audience that is already using Collabion, and have a specific outcome to achieve or want to learn more about data visualization best practices in enterprise environment. In this option, our team will work with you to curate the class agenda to cover topics you need.

All the materials (PDF/MP4) used during the training will be provided to you, after the training. In addition, we’ve a prioritized email/phone channel open for resolving any queries or doubts that your team may have, post the training.

From a rookie user of SharePoint to an expert, our training covers every key role for every SharePoint user, for all business functions.

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