SharePoint Dashboards with Collabion

Get the big picture about your business data at one glance from dashboards built with Collabion Charts for SharePoint

Collabion Charts for SharePoint (CCSP) is a free-to-use enterprise level solution for building beautiful charts and interactive dashboards, designed to work exclusively with Microsoft SharePoint.

You can use Collabion Charts for SharePoint to put multiple charts built with your business data side by side within a single, integrated dashboard. This will help you to quickly spot trends, patterns and exceptions in data, and extract actionable insights from it too.

Use the following powerful features of CCSP to build interactive dashboards that help you visualize your business data better.

Features of CCSP

Visualize Your Data

Web part connections

You can connect a chart to SharePoint OOB Filter web part, SharePoint list, or custom web parts, and pass single or multiple values to the chart. You can filter the chart data based on a value, or show a subset of the data in the chart.

Visualize Your Data

Open a link with query string

With this smart drill-down feature, you can open a web page and pass certain parameters with the URL (query string) when you click on a data point in your chart. You have the option of using pre-defined macros to pass the query string parameters. You can even use this to connect your charts, whether on the same page or otherwise.

Visualize Your Data

Multi-level drill down

You can explore hierarchical data right up to the 'n'-th level with our unique feature, multi-level drill down, for focused analysis. You can also change chart types with every step, so that you can always visualize the data in the best possible way.

Visualize Your Data

Different data sources

You can put multiple charts within the same dashboard, where each chart has either the same data source, or a separate one. The data source for each chart can be a SharePoint list, SQL Server/Oracle database, CSV files/strings, Excel workbook, BDC, or ODBC, among others.

Visualize Your Data

Data View

You can use this smart drill down feature to display the underlying data of a chart, when you click on one of the segments of the chart. The data is displayed in the form of a table that pops up over the chart, which can help you take a quick look at the data without opening the wizard.

Go ahead, download Collabion Charts for SharePoint (CCSP) for FREE, to build detailed SharePoint dashboards and charts with your business data, and extract powerful insights from it within minutes.