100% code-less SharePoint charting

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How Collabion Charts for SharePoint can take you from SharePoint charting nightmare to nirvana

Gain Incredible Insights

Seamless compatibility

100% code-less charting and support for all on-prem versions of SharePoint including Foundation Servers.

different Data Source

Different data sources

Get data from SharePoint lists/views, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, Excel Workbooks, CSV, BCS/BDC and ODBC.

Gain Incredible Insights

Advanced data processing

View hierarchical data with features like drill down (up to n-th level), dynamic data filtering, grouping, and basic pivoting options. Connectivity with other web parts is also available.

Visualize Your Data

Dozens of chart types

Choose the chart type that is perfect for your data, from 56 different options, including popular ones like column, bar, line, area, and pie. Special ones like Pareto, Marimekko, and several 3D varieties, are also available.

So, why delay any longer? Get Collabion Charts for SharePoint and take the hassles out of SharePoint charting, today!