SharePoint 2016 Charts

Interactive Charts and Dashboards in SharePoint 2016 with zero coding

Collabion Charts for SharePoint is a 100% codeless solution for creating stunning, insightful charts in SharePoint quickly and easily. What more, it is now available for SharePoint 2016!

Why Switch to Collabion Charts for SharePoint 2016?

Here are 5 good reasons

Visualize Your Data

Support for multiple data sources

CCSP 2016 supports multiple data sources like SharePoint Lists, MS SQL Server Database, Oracle Database, MS Excel, CSV and many more - so whichever way you store your data, CCSP will be able to make charts out of it!

Visualize Your Data

Numerous varieties of charts

CCSP 2016 offers 56 different varieties of charts for you to play with. Whether you want to use a bar chart to highlight profit trends or present survey results with a pie chart, it's all just a click away.

Visualize Your Data

Dynamic filtering and drill down

What use is a chart if it cannot reflect updates made to the source data on the fly? Collabion allows users to view hierarchical data with options for dynamic data filtering, grouping, basic pivoting options, and drill down up to the n-th level, updating the charts automatically after every data operation.

Visualize Your Data

Exporting charts in multiple formats

CCSP 2016 lets you export any chart you build to Excel and PowerPoint. The formats that CCSP 2016 supports include xlsx, pptx, jpeg, png, or even pdf.

Visualize Your Data

Printing charts when they are ready

Having hard copies of charts that do not need to be updated can be helpful in the boardroom. CCSP 2016 lets you print the charts you build directly through the software itself.

So, what are you waiting for? Experience the Collabion advantage, today