We offer offline modes of payment such as bank wire, Purchase Orders and checks. Please contact us with details of the license that you want to purchase and we will process the order for you.

Web Front End (WFE) servers are the servers in your deployment that run the Web Application service. And yes, you need to purchase one license of each Collabion product, for each WFE server. We provide one unique license key per WFE server in your deployment.

To determine the number of WFE servers, please log into your SharePoint Central Administration website or contact your SharePoint administrator.

Yes, you’ll need additional licenses for development and test servers. We offer them at 50% of the price of production server licenses. Please contact our sales team to get a quote.

The only difference is in the pricing model for the product and support/upgrades subscription. You get the exact same product in both.

For the annual license, as long as you renew the license yearly, you get unlimited support and upgrades (both major and minor versions).

For the perpetual license, you get free support and upgrades (both major and minor) for the first year of your purchase. Thereafter, you can purchase the subscription for support & upgrades (20% of perpetual license cost, per year) and extend the support and upgrades.

Once you're past the 30-day trial, all the charts that you've created (during the trial period) will continue to work as-is. However, you won’t be edit those charts or create new ones.

If you need to extend your trial license by another 30 days to extend the evaluation period, please write to us, and we’ll be happy to help you.

Typically it is sent within an hour. If you do not receive it within an hour, please contact us here with details of your purchase.

The licensing fee is completely independent of the number of people who view the charts, grids or dashboards within your SharePoint environment.

For any work done for your client, a suitable license will have to be bought in your client's name.

Sure. Please contact us with your name, company, company address and details of the license you would to purchase (number of WFE servers) and we will instantly send you a quote.

Yes we do. We offer 10% discount to governments and 30% to educational institutions and NGOs. Please contact us to avail the special pricing.