Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to purchase Collabion Charts for SharePoint but I cannot make the purchase online. What other methods of payment do you have?
We offer offline modes of payment such as bank wire, Purchase Orders and checks. Please contact us with details of the license that you want to purchase and we will process the order for you.
If Collabion Charts for SharePoint is free, why do you have a paid Pro Mode?

Let us explain. Our free version is actually free, forever. You can use it across all your servers, whether for personal use or commercial user. The free version allows you to connect to all data sources in SharePoint and render all the available chart types. For starters, this is all you would need.

However, as your thirst for data-driven insights increase, you may need some of the more powerful analytical features - like drill-downs, grouping of data, top 'N' records, exporting of charts etc. These are the features that we charge for, in the Pro version. After all, this funds our research and development, so that we can build better products to serve you.

We reiterate - you can use the free version forever, without any catch. You only need to upgrade if you want to use the advanced analytics features.

What do you mean by WFE server, and do I need to purchase a license per WFE server?

Web Front End (WFE) servers are the servers in your deployment that run the Web Application service. And yes, you need to purchase one license of Collabion Charts for SharePoint, for each WFE server. We provide one unique license key per WFE server in your deployment.

To determine the number of WFE servers, please log into your SharePoint Central Administration website or contact your SharePoint administrator.

Can I start with Free version (Standard Mode), and later upgrade to Pro Mode, when I need those advanced analytical capabilities?
Absolutely, that's the whole idea. We want you to get maximum value out of our products for as long as you want, without having to invest anything, with the Free version. Later, when you feel the need for those additional analytical features, you can just purchase a license key and upgrade.
What happens after the expiration of trial period of Pro version?
Once you're past the 30 day trial period of Pro version, all the charts that you've created (during the trial period) will continue to work as-is. Then, the product will automatically switch to Standard (Free) mode, and for the charts that you create thereafter, you wouldn't be able to apply the advanced analytical features.
How long does it take you to send the activation keys after I have made the purchase?
Typically it is sent within an hour. If you do not receive it within an hour, please contact us here with details of your purchase.
Why is the licensing fees per server/per year, instead of one time (perpetual)?

At Collabion, we want to ensure that you're always using the latest and greatest product from our stable. As such, instead of charging upgrade fees each time we release a new version, we've created a simple and affordable annual subscription model.

Once you are subscribed to our annual plan, not only do you get all the upgrades, but also unlimited support - straight from our product team. We can help you with installation of the product, solve specific queries, or even build the entire dashboard for you - all included as part of this eat-all-you-can subscription.

Does the licensing fee depend on the number of users who might be viewing the web part?
The licensing fee is completely independent of the number of people who view the charts within your SharePoint environment.
I implement and manage SharePoint® Servers for my clients. Whose name should I purchase the license in?
For any work done for your client, a suitable license will have to be bought in your client's name.
I need to submit a quote to our purchasing department to process the purchase. Can you send me one?
Sure. Please contact us with your name, company, company address and details of the license you would to purchase (number of WFE servers) and we will instantly send you a quote.
We are a government organization/educational institution/NGO and would like to purchase your product(s). Do you have special pricing for us?
Yes we do. We offer 10% discount to governments and 30% to educational institutions and NGOs. Please contact us to avail the special pricing.