Choose the mode in which you want to run Collabion Charts for SharePoint!

You can now run Collabion Charts for SharePoint in either of two modes – the completely FREE forever Standard mode and the annual subscription based Pro mode.

Please scroll down to learn more about the feature set offered in each of the two modes or contact us and let us help you identify which mode suites your charting requirements best!

Feature List Standard
FREE forever
$999 /WFE/Year
Support for multiple data sources like: MS Excel, MS SQL Database,
SharePoint List, Oracle DB, BDC, CSV and more
Support for SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013 (including Foundation server)
and SharePoint 2016
A bouquet of 56 different chart types
Applying intelligent filters from the chart wizard
Data Grouping
Applying standard aggregate functions in Data grouping:
  • SUM
Extensive chart customization and personalization options
Dynamic chart captions and title
Advanced aggregate functions in Data grouping:AVERAGE MIN MAX
Top 'N' records
Multi-level Drill down feature
Advanced user interactive features like hotspot, referencing other
webpages using query strings etc.
Exporting charts to PDF, JPEG, PNG, Excel, PowerPoint
Printing Charts
Dynamic filtering on charts
Creating user-driven filters by connecting charts to SharePoint
Filter web parts
1 FREE staging server licence + 1 FREE development server license
Support through Collabion Community
24X7 Priority Support direct from the engineering team