SharePoint BI with Collabion Charts

Make perfect business decisions, every time, with the help of Collabion Charts for SharePoint BI capabilities.

Collabion Charts for SharePoint (CCSP) is a wizard-based, 100% code-less SharePoint chart web part that lets you put together beautiful, interactive charts, and also lets you analyze data to extract insights.

Take advantage of powerful features of Collabion Charts for SharePoint for your BI operations

The following 5 are worth taking a look

Visualize Your Data

Diving deep into data with multi-level drill down

Our unique feature, multi-level drill down, now lets you change chart types, every time you drill down, along with the usual dissecting of chart data according to different criteria. Great when one chart type doesn't fit every level of drill down.

Visualize Your Data

Connecting to other web parts

CCSP is seamlessly compatible with many other SharePoint web parts, such as SharePoint Filter Web Part, HTML Form Web Part and even other custom Web Parts, allowing you to create One-to-One and One-to-Many connections with them for advanced data visualization.

Visualize Your Data

Applying dynamic filters to the data

Applying filters to chart data on the fly and watching previews of what the chart would look like after applying them can help you slice and dice data faster. Once you are satisfied with the results, apply the filters to the data with just a single click. It doesn't get any simpler than this.

Visualize Your Data

Advanced data filtering and grouping options

Apply logical, boolean, quantitative or a wide range of date filters to your data, to get the exact data that you want for your analysis. Not only that, you can even group them using different parameters and advanced aggregate functions.

Visualize Your Data

Building specialized charts

Line and bar charts are often unable to deliver when you need to analyze marketing data, or compare between multiple data sets. That's when you need specialized chart types like Marimekko, Kagi, Pareto, and so on. Collabion lets you build all of these, plus more.

The latest version of Collabion is available for FREE, which makes it one of the most desirable SharePoint charting web parts, right now.