SharePoint 2007 Charts

Create Beautiful Charts and Dashboards in SharePoint 2007 with zero coding

Collabion Charts for SharePoint 2007 is a 100% wizard based charting solution, which does not need you to write a single line of code.

Why Choose Collabion to Prepare Charts for Your Next Killer Presentation?

Well, the 5 following reasons should suffice.

Visualize Your Data

Dozens of chart types

Different types of charts are suitable for different scenarios. A zoom line chart, for instance, is great for graphically representing profits made by an organization over a long period of time, while a pie chart works great when you need to represent survey results. CCSP supports up to 56 different types of charts, ensuring you have something good for every occasion.

Visualize Your Data

Support for different data sources

You cannot expect everyone across the organization to be technically proficient enough to use the same data source. That’s why Collabion offers out of the box support for a wide range of data sources, including SharePoint Lists, Oracle/SQL Server, Excel workbooks, BDC, and CSV files. It can also connect to various other external data sources via ODBC.

Visualize Your Data

Data Filtering and Drill Down

Displaying the right data at the right time is key to dominating a boardroom presentation. Collabion helps users accomplish this by letting them apply custom filters to the source data and also to drill down into the source data up to the n-th level to extract actionable insights. Any change made to the data is immediately updated to the chart.

Visualize Your Data

Exporting charts in widely accessible formats

Exporting final versions of charts in the form of images or MS Office formats can help the user to attach them to MoM emails, modify them using other software, and so on. CCSP allows the user to export charts in the form of Microsoft Excel workbooks, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, image files (JPG, PNG, etc.), and even the universally accessible PDF.

Visualize Your Data

Printing charts for marketing collaterals

Including hard copies of charts that would not need modification in the collaterals for a meeting can help attendees prepare for discussions better. Collabion allows users to print charts directly through the program itself, speeding up the entire process.

So, go ahead, give your next boardroom meeting the Collabion edge. Download the FREE version, now!