Simple to use

It takes just 5 simple steps to create any chart: Connect to your SharePoint list, select the fields, select the chart type, specify chart labels and provide number formatting - and you’re done! As simple as that. Once created, all the charts work on both desktop and mobile.

Choose from over 25 chart types

From simple bar charts to advanced combination charts, Collabion Charts for SharePoint Online enables you to transform all your data to insightful charts - with the same ease of use. The charts are available in 2D and 3D formats.

Configure your charts the way you want

You've full control over the chart labels, axis titles and even how the numbers are displayed on the chart. Choose between regular or European number formats, and add your custom number prefix and suffix. In addition, use pre-built themes to style your chart in different flavors.

Change the plot type per data series

Plot different series as different types - bar, area or line. E.g., visualize revenue as bar, and profit as line - to get the right visualization for your data.

Add secondary y-axis for when you need to compare different units

When comparing two different units (e.g., revenue in $ vs profit in %), switch to a dual-y axis chart with the same ease of use.

Visualize your sales or marketing funnel

For data that is best visualized as funnel (e.g., sales lead, web visitors funnel) use the funnel chart effectively to show drop-off at each level.

Go from data to decisions, in minutes.

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